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Please note - You can have a face to face reading if you have a webcam. But don't worry if you haven't got a webcam, you will still be able to see your psychic and have a reading.



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Welcome to psychic realm. So you're thinking about having a psychic reading? That's great! A live psychic reading gives you the chance to consult a psychic for help or guidance. The most popular is live through a webcam or by email. Here you will find links to various types of readings from psychics all around the world in the comfort of your own home. Readings are available to anyone with a computer and internet connection. You don't need a webcam, you will still be able to see your psychic. Just click on the box below to go to have a live psychic reading by webcam. If you are viewing this site on a mobile phone or tablet please click here for the mobile version.


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How does this work?

To have a reading firstly you have to create a free account by going here and entering a username, password and email address into the box as shown below.


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You can then purchase credits through your credit or debit card, European direct debit, phone, Ukash or Click2Pay.


Psychic reading through a webcam for less than 1 euro a minute.

*Prices correct at last website update.


After purchasing credit you can then chat to a psychic from 0.99 credits a minute = 0.99 / minute. Costs will vary per minute depending on the psychics rate, prices start at 0.99 Oranum credits a minute = 0.99 / minute.


Do you need advice from a clairvoyant? Are you searching for guidance from a psychic? Would you like comfort or answers from a medium?
Psychic readings are an exciting experience for anybody and having one can make you think about your life in general, your future, your past and of course the present. To have a psychic reading is great entertainment and can bring new and exciting thoughts, also when you have a psychic reading you are going on a new and interesting adventure. The best thing is that now you can have a psychic reading in real time directly through a webcam anytime of the day or night!


Up until recently you needed to physically visit a clairvoyant or have one visit you to get a psychic reading. However now with modern technology it's now possible to have a reading through a webcam without leaving the comfort of your own home. This is possible because of better computer equipment, webcams and faster internet connections. Horoscopes are just as interesting as psychic readings because there is a new one every day. You can look into the more spiritual side of life and immerse yourself into a new world. You do not have to be religious in order to do this.


Above is a link to 'Oranum', a website with real live webcam clairvoyants waiting to try and help you with advice or guidance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is always a selection of clairvoyants, mediums and psychics online with varying levels of experience and a variety of specialised skill sets.


Whats the basic difference between a Psychic, Clairvoyant & Medium:

Psychic - Specialise to pertain to mental forces, telepathy & extra sensory perception.

Clairvoyant - Have the ability to see things beyond our normal senses.
Medium - Are able to contact and being able to communicate with spirits of the dead.


Below is a list of psychic abilities:

Apportation - Materialization, disappearance, or teleportation of an object.
Aura reading - Perception of the energy fields surrounding people, places, and things.
Automatic writing - Writing produced without conscious thought.
Astral projection or mental projection - An out-of-body experience in which an "astral body" becomes separate from the physical body.
Bilocation or multilocation - Being in multiple places at the same time.
Clairvoyance, second sight - Perception outside the known human senses.
Death-warning - A vision of a living person prior to his or her death.
Divination - Gaining insight into a situation via a ritual.
Dowsing - Ability to locate objects.
Energy medicine - Healing by channeling a form of energy.
Faith healing - Diagnosing and curing disease using religious devotion.
Mediumship or channeling Communicating with spirits.
Precognition, premonition and precognitive dreams - Perception of events before they happen.
Psychic surgery - Removal of diseased body tissue via an incision that heals immediately afterwards.
Psychokinesis or telekinesis - Manipulation of matter or energy by the power of the mind.
Psychometry or psychoscopy - Obtaining information about a person or object.
Remote viewing - Gathering of information at a distance.
Retrocognition - Perception of past events.
Scrying - Use of an item to view events at a distance or in the future.
Telepathy - Transfer of thoughts or emotions.
Transvection - Bodily levitation or flying.


The word psychic is derived from the Greek word psychikos (of the mind or mental) and refers in part to the human mind or psyche (ex. psychic turmoil). The Greek word also means "soul". In Greek mythology, the maiden Psyche was the deification of the human soul. French astronomer and spiritualist Camille Flammarion is credited as having first used the word psychic, while it was later introduced to the English language by Edward William Cox in the 1870s. Read more about psychic readings on Wikipedia...


Please note - We are a 3rd party advertiser and simply promote various psychic services and in return get pain a commission if anyone buys one of those services. Any type of psychic service on the internet or in person is a form of entertainment and should be treated that way.


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